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Hm. People keep saying this. What do you mean, which scenes? There was very little CGI in the movie. Just some of the Gray Children (only the ones in the far background, for instance), the fog in some scenes, some backgrounds (the abyss of fire beneath when they look down) and the barbed wire at the end. Didn't seem really overused in my opinion.
The best case in point would be a scene in the first third of the film were Rose and Cybill re-enter the town and Cybill shoots one the the ghoulish creatures that walk onto them. The blood spurting out of the creatures head is clearly CGI and the image looks like it's lifted straight from the game. Another one would be the looks and the attacks of the "Pyramid Head" monster - the giant sword it is swinging towards the woman looks also clearly CGI and I doubt the whole creature isn't either.

I'm not going to argue with your info about how much actual CGI was used in the film since you're obviously a much bigger fan of the film than I am and thus know a lot more about it but I leave it at that : The effects in those scenes looked pretty fake to me and took me out of the film. I don't have a thing against CGI when it's well made by the way- the barbed wire in the end is a good example.

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