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Garth Ennis' Punisher MAX Run

Has anyone been reading Garth Ennis' Punisher MAX title? This is one of the most consistently stunning comics currently being published. I raise my hat to Marvel as they seem to have given Ennis complete freedom to explore the darkest areas of human nature in a realistic and complete uncensored fashion. Although it sometimes strays into the kind of puerile territory that at times mars even Ennis' finest work he has been remarkably restrained throughout the run. Sure the violence, bad language and sex are sometimes off the chart in terms of potential to offend but given the kind of stories he's telling and type of people who inhabit these stories it's not surprising. This is a truly adult and complex piece of work. A character study that has added both weight and substance to the character of Frank Castle. Has anyone else been reading this? What has been your favourite arc so far? I absolutely loved The Slavers. It was brutal and uncompromising and really stirred up a lot of emotions. The current storyline, Man Of Stone, has also been incredible and I cannot wait until the conclusion in issue #42.
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