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Re: DVD cardboard covers. What's the deal?

Originally posted by JoBlo
Been re-arranging my DVD COLLECTION of late and wondered how you all feel about those CARDBOARD covers that many "special edition" DVDs seem to come with nowadays. Most of them are basically the EXACT same thing as the actual DVD cover (including the back flap), so I wondered:

1) Why do they add these to DVDs anyway?

2) Do you keep them on your DVDs or throw them away?
Good question... and interesting answers...

1) Studios put the sleeves on for a couple of reasons;
-To give a 'collector' feel, as the sleeves are generally printed in limited numbers.
-To offer a new look, from the rest of the 'New Releases' on the shelves. Sleeves tend to stand out better than regular packaging, making it more attractive to buy ( shiney) even if you don't intend to keep them.
-They only act as added security IF the cover is shrink-wrapped. If there is no external shrink-wrap over the collector sleeve, then it is no more 'theft-resistant' than any other DVD. And as that goes, its only another layer to go through to get to the DVD...
-sometimes retailers use these sleeves as a instore marketing tool, helping reduce theft. ( put in displays without DVD's)
-Sometimes they contain extra selling information on flaps ( like some Disney titles)

Disney was the first studio to use this on their Classic Animated titles. This was seen as a way to make them more 'tempting' to collectors. since then, everyone and their dogs are putting sleeves on new DVD's... which in my mind, has lost it's impact.....

2) Why not... They generally look good! Only real problem is they rip / scratch easily.
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