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Originally posted by Mr. Fred Krueger
My advice would be to just get a copy from the library, that way it's free!

Seriously, the book really isn't that good to spend $20 and some change on. Harris didn't really take his time with this book, rather he rushed it out to beat the film's release date...and it shows.
Oringinally that was my plan - get a copy from the library, so as not to have to buy it - however as my local library said it'd be around March by the time the copy got around to me a family member has brought it me for my birthday. At which point the local library phone me to say they've brought some more copies, and that I can pick it up today.

So I've got a copy today from the library, and a copy for my Birthday, next Tuesday, which is typical

The bit about it being rushed is a bit worrying, though I did get the impression that was the case - Harris trying to get the book out before the film, but still I'm interested in reading it, especially if it goes into detail about the origins of Hannibal - it was similar with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - I loved the background information on Voldermort.
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