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Miracleman #15 By Alan Moore - Discussion Thread

Hi folks. There's a thread on the General Movies forum that posits the question "which superhero would you like to see in a movie"? I suggested that Miracleman by Alan Moore could make an incredibly intense and nasty superhero movie. Edonline suggested that it was likely too dark and nasty and after reaquainting myself with the legendary issue #15 I have to find myself agreeing with him. It would take a brave studio and a director with balls bigger than King Kong to faithfully translate the carnage on display in this comic to the big screen. But I felt that this issue was something I would like to share with my fellow schmoes. It's powerful stuff. The art courtesy of John Totleben who worked with Moore on his stunning Swamp Thing series is full of imagery that has stuck in my head ever since. It's all about the human skins hanging on the clothes rope. Anyway...this is probably one of my favorite single comic books ever. Enjoy.

You can get the issue HERE!!!

PS...if anyone is wondering how to view CBR files. Just download CDisplay. It's a cracking piece of software. You can get it HERE!!!
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