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Man was the remake to this movie bad. I mean I don't think I've ever come out of a theater more disgusted than I did the night I left after seeing this.

And being disgusted wasnt because of the going ons, it was because of it's sheer retardedness (is that a word?).

One other thing I want to mention about Black Christmas and how it compares to Halloween. I love Halloween, Michael Myers, and such. Have been a big fan of the series for a long time and as with most people knew about Halloween far before BC.


Black Christmas was the better movie IMO. I never once was even remotely afraid of Michael Myers and I saw that flick when I was very young. I just thought it was cool. Just recently I caught BC and was actually disturbed by it. I watched it by myself, in the dark and man was it kick ass.

I think its a mix of Black Christmas not really showin Billy AND the fact that it seemed more real. I think if I would have seen Halloween when it first came out and didnt know about Myers and this 'pure evil' thing it may be different.

I dunno why I felt like sharing this BUT hey ...

Go Black Christmas!

and GO Michael Myers too!
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