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Originally posted by echo_bravo
She is naturally beatiful and a fantastic actress. I like her in about everything she has done, especially Cold Mountain. Her part was rather small but she was phenominal.

Its also refreshing that she isnt trashy like a lot of those other Hollywood starlets.
Preston, read Echo's post. That latter statement is key.

She simply has more class than most of the actresses in Hollywood today. She is also very intelligent, usually picks her roles well, and, yes, she is breathtakingly gorgeous. In my opinion, these are facts that cannot even be argued!

So, my fellow brethren, let us stand as one, united, and rise against the tides of dissent! Those who do not recognize Natalie Portman for the intelligent, beautiful, talented actress she is shall burn as the infidels! No longer shall their heresy go unpunished!

(And at the risk of sounding creepy, that last paragraph was purely for fun.)
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