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Well, from what I heard...My Dinner with Andre is a distinct possilibity, and as you can see from the Janus catalog I listed, Janus has the rights to quite a bit of Louis Malle films, along with quite a bit of Truffaut also. Confidentailly Yours and Last Metro were both Fox Lorber titles I believe that have gone out of print, and Janus has the rights to them, so I would imagine they would be in the works. I have no proof for that however.

As for Fellini, I have really not heard much of anything regarding any of his films being released, as unfortunate as that is. I would like to see The Clowns or Casanova or even Orchestra Rehearsal, but alas, I've heard nothing.

As for Shoeshine...I havent really heard much of Shoeshine coming out at all, I do however own the Masters of Cinema version if it and it's very nice. For De Sica though, I heard both Gold of Naples and Miracle in Milan MAY be in the works as Janus has new 35mm prints of both in circulation, so that may be in an indication of a future release for Criterion. More De Sica is always welcome

*EDIT* Forgot to get into specifics about My Dinner With Andre. What I heard specifically, was that I believe Matt Lipson, from Criterion, some time last year, stated that Criterion owns the rights and that it would be released some time "next year" (being this current year now).

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