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Sorry dude, I gotta disagree....I know Liddell's tough as fuck, and that he's improved vastly in the last few years, but Rampage beat the shit out of Liddell in their first meeting in the ring, and though the fight will be a good one, Rampage will end up on top. Rampage and Liddell are both GREAT fighters, but Chuck isn't going to be able to dominate Jackson like he does most of his opponents, he'll get discouraged, and make the same tactical errors that he did in their first fight.

I can't wait to see this one though, it's going to be knock down, drag out, and a hell of a show.

I like that their fight is the PPV after the one with Cro Cop (which is going to be a devastating beating on Gazonga). The UFC seems to be stepping it up even more as of late.
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