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Originally posted by KcMsterpce
I read the first four, and halfway through book five I got pissed off.

There were tons of unwanted subplots, and meandering storytelling. You could totally tell how Jordan changed his plan of 8 books to make it 13 or whatever it is now... just to make more money.

The first couple of books were alright, except I got tired of the question of "Is He The Dragon Reborn?" Fuck me, if it's a 13 book series I'd be really mad if he WASN'T. After four books, the question was still lingering, and it was retarded.

I like how he incorporates many great elements of previous, well established fantasy stories and puts them into his own. Ideas taken from Dune, LotR (of course, but what isn't a derivative, right?), Star Wars, Phillip Dick stories come together into a mish-mesh of creative emulation.
Its going to be an 11 book series. If it makes you feel any better from what I hear it gets better again in book 7, thoughI myself never had the meandering plot problem. I just dug the characters.

I originally read the series up until book 8, but got annoyed with the lenght of the series and waiting so long. I found out maybe 3 months ago that the next book in the series will be the last on as the author is dying, and is determined to finish the series first. So, Ive been rereading the series. I made it to book 7 before taking a small break. I had too many other non-WOT books that I needed to read. Ill probably be going back to it by the end of May.
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