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Have you seen their dvds Tyler?

I mean, c'mon...I have a few of their titles and it's just bad.
The transfers (perhaps outside of the Keaton films) are awful, there are no good special features, the cases suck (sorry, had to put that down), and for most of their titles, they charge just as much as Criterion.

If that isn't a smack in the face, I don't know what is.

@ Sam: You're right, not many overlapping titles, which is unfortunate.
I would love to see Criterion take some of their films (like Scarlet Street or Metropolis...hell, maybe even Buster Keaton's better known films).

The one company that manages to even outshit Kino is Facets. That company is just like the worst dvd company in the history of dvds.
I have the Decalogue and Lemonade Joe from them and they are probably the worst quality dvds I have.
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