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Tremendous movie that came out in theatres when I was 12 and I instantly connected to it. Tremendous writing, dialogue, and characterization and very assured direction from Reiner, things that allow the movie to hold up years later watching it as an adult. Feldman and Sutherland steal the show here as respectively, the glasses wearing loose cannon Teddy Duchamp and the sadistically evil bully Ace Merrill. How Kiefer didn't pick up a Supporting Actor Nomination for his work here is beyond me, for he played the part to the hilt, so much so that it's a shame he wasn't brought back to reprise the part in the film adaptation of Needful Things (for those wondering, Ace was a MAJOR character in King's Needful Things book, coming back to town to work for Leland Gaunt in his store, in exchange for a never-ending supply of high-quality cocaine. Sadly, the character was excised for the film version). The only drawbacks are Wil Wheaton and yes, River Phoenix, who seem to bring an unneeded dose of homoeroticism to their scenes together where they cry on each other's shoulders about their problems, and Wheaton remains pretty much an irritant throughout his screen time despite the fantastic dialogue for all the characters. O'Connell does well as the fourth wheel of the group, the Lardass Hogan scene may be one of the funniest sequences ever filmed, and a slew of fine character actors in small roles keep things moving. Overall, still a Classic that is required viewing for every boy on the verge of being a teen...10/10
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