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Originally posted by Powerslave
That Lady Vanishes cover is somewhat ugly. The others are good though.

I would LOVE to see the Human Condition Trilogy out on Criterion. I think that's the only thing I ever actually bothered to email them a request for.

And also, a question. I remember a little while back someone mentioned a possible Eclipse boxset of Mizoguchi. Do any of you know anything about that?
Yeah...a Kenji Mizoguchi Eclipse Set was confirmed in their original mission statement back in January, along with a Shohei Imamura set and Mikio Naruse set. I have no idea though when those will be specifically announced.

My guess though is that they may stray away from the auteur box sets in the next couple releases, as the first six have all been auteur sets. Already confirmed as a future Eclipse are a French New Wave set and a Samurai set. No specifics as to what each my consist of, but they both sound promising.
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