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Final Fantasy X had beautiful visuals, a great Uematsu score, and what should have been a fascinating story. It fails monumentally on the count of having the two most unlikable main characters in the series. These aborted lovebirds should have been left on the drawing board. What a profound idea, let's have a shallow, unimaginative, brain wrenchingly annoying jock with blond hair blue eyes, and a shit-eating grin. And let's have his love interest being a girl with such little eminence and who is so emotionally vacant that when you haven't forgotten she's even there, she comes off as some kind of mute overgrown toddler. To seal the deal, let's not sell this romance in any believable way.

Of course the visuals were beautiful, of course the Uematsu score is brilliant and breathtaking, he collaborated with some contemporary artists, and they innovated a lot, it shows, and it works. The story could have been fascinating, the FF games have always had a theme of rebelling, but this is the first game that outright had the theme of rebelling against so-called religion. The way this is worked into the story is brilliant. Conceptually, this game is brilliant. Hell, I'll make a top 10 judging their concepts alone: XI excluded because it's a joke.

1) Final Fantasy VII
2) Final Fantasy X
3) Final Fantasy VI
4) Final Fantasy VIII
5) Final Fantasy IV
6) Final Fantasy IX
7) Final Fantasy V
8) Final Fantasy II
9) Final Fantasy
10) Final Fantasy XII

But guess what? The concept doesn't carry the game, the story does, and with characters that cross the threshold from unlikable into fucking terrible, the story fails. And it wasn't just the Kentucky fried lovebirds either, Wakka was annoying, Lulu was a bitch that officially brought Square back into the over exaggerated titty ring, and Kimahri was just pointless, what should have been a great subplot was handled cursory and without care.

Auron and Rikku were the only two characters I liked, kind of, except that they were mere shells of greater characters that came before them.

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