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Yeah, I agree Tidus was a total tool, though I thought he got much more interesting and likable by the very end. I only disagree about Yuna, she was my favorite thing in that game (that scene when we see what she wrote in that Spehere was heartwarming). But yeah, it's my least favorite cast. Tidus was lame, Auron was too emo-badass-I've-seen-this-character-a-billion-times-before, Wakka was annoying and Lulu . . . well, she was hot. Rikku was a great character and Kihmari could've been, but sadly wasn't.

And yeah, conceptually, X is brilliant and my third favorite after VIII and VII. Religion has always been my favorite theme in fantasy/sci-fi stories, so it's terrible that I didn't fall in love with it.

But the soundtrack and visuals definitely are amazing. Especially the soundtrack, that track during the Yu Yevon final battle is chilling. And it was fantastic to see a Final Fanatsy look that good.

Overall, I'd give it a 8.9/10. The plot isn't what it could've been and chaffs too much in the middle period, and the characters are some of the most uninteresting in the series, same for the execution of the thematics. The Sphere Grid is clever but honestly very limiting and frustrating. Otherwise, it has all the strenghts all FFs have. Amazing graphics, music, presentation, replay value, etc.
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