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Bought and Read:

Dune by Frank Herbert - Great novel I read from front to back pretty much as soon as I picked it up, the characters are wonderfully developed, the story is epic but well presented to keep it entertaining. The world it creates is so easy to imagine (especially since I was in the outback at the time!) and makes you imagine the harsh conditions even when you are not reading the book. Pure escapism.

Reefer Madness by Eric Shossler(bad spelling but close) - from the guy who wrote Fast Food Nation, a collection of articles focussing on weed, pornography and migrant workers, very interesting and motivating but doesn't really work on stoners! I'm shocked and appaled but too lazy....

Reading at the moment:

Neuromancer by William Gibson - so far brilliant, a must for anybody who likes sci-fi, the birth of the cyberpunk genre.

Bought but not read:

The Somnabulist - cant remember the author sorry! - looked interesting so picked it up, sort of a wacky sherlock holmes...

The life of Pi - I should read it but I don't like reading books which middle aged women like, makes me think of the mistake I made reading the lovely bones.

Plan to buy:

The man in the high castle by phillip K dick
Dune messiah by frank herbert
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