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YAY YAY YAY!! Big Mary fan here... yuppers.

Anyone see her on Leno after FD3 came out? No... not promoting the movie, rather on JayWalking, where he hits an apartment complex, and gets people to act out movie roles. She answers the door, and I remember going, "Is that Mary? What the...", then Leno goes, "Hi, what's your name?" She answers, then he asks what she does... blah blah... Leno's a tool.

But anywho... Mary = a big YAY!!

As for her role choices... everybody has bumps for the pay. Can you anyone tell me why Scarlett is in that new horrible looking nanny movie? I personally don't care, cause she's a shit actress, and a total butterface, but she's a "huge" star, and she takes shit roles, so yea... paycheck's be paycheques right?
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