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Originally posted by yorrick brown
stomp the yard and step up were all never know make it happen might do well.

good for her taken on all different kinds of roles and not been pegged as a horror chick.
Yeah, I'm not too worried about whether or not it'll make money, thats probably the dumbest thing I could think of. I'm talking about MAKING SHITTY MOVIES. Who gives a fuck if it makes some cake? That's not gonna increase the quality. And I find it kinda offensive that she wouldn't want to be pegged, as you call it, a "horror chick".

Originally posted by Donnie_Darko
YAY YAY YAY!! Big Mary fan here... yuppers.

Anyone see her on Leno after FD3 came out? No... not promoting the movie, rather on JayWalking, where he hits an apartment complex, and gets people to act out movie roles. She answers the door, and I remember going, "Is that Mary? What the...", then Leno goes, "Hi, what's your name?" She answers, then he asks what she does... blah blah... Leno's a tool.

But anywho... Mary = a big YAY!!
Oh yes I've seen that (along with like EVERY interview or something involving Winstead. And yeah, Leno is a fucking idiot. He doesn't even know who the hell she is. And that was right after FD3 came out (which did fairly well). But I guess Leno just doesn't pay attention to the lesser known.

Oh and for those wondering, I have hope for Make it Happen. I mean hell, we get to see Mary as a burlesque dancer. What the hell is better than that? I just can't wait for the first images
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