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I think I'm gonna have to send Criterion a big ol' 'Thank You' card at the end of the year, since this year they've now put out/will be putting out 6 of the 2 dozen or so titles I suggested (or, more accurately, REQUESTED) for release last year: "Permanent Vacation," "Night on Earth," "Ivan's Childhood," "The Milky Way," "Mala Noche," and "Sawdust and Tinsel." (Also, "La Notte" allegedly currently in the works.)

Some of the others I suggested have since been put out by other companies. But I'd still really like to see them release Bu˝uel's "Tristana," Polanski's "Repulsion" (my most favorite film still not on DVD) and "Cul-de-Sac," and Rudolph's "Welcome to LA" and "Trouble in Mind."

P.S. The artwork for their original issue of "The Lady Vanishes" wasn't that much nicer.

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