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I personally didn't like Spirits Within. I might have if it wasn't Final Fantasy, but it just wasn't what I wanted from a Final Fantasy movie, which I had been waiting for for years. I agree with X-Nightcrawler about Advent Children. It was good only because it was another chance to see the cast from VII do their thing.

As for difficulty, I think the original ones were the hardest of the real games (Tactics and Mysitc Quest were harder, but I'm not counting them). The first one released for SNES in the States was very hard because you start off so weak. I think the Bard character had like 40 HP when he joined your team, and his attack was "hide", but it wasn't too hard once you get on a roll. Dying is actually a big deal in the older games, as is money, since there weren't enough side quests to get ridiculously rich like they have in the newer games, and you had to be more careful with how you use items because of the money issue, so they were pretty hard starting up. After you gain a few levels though, they weren't so bad. But maybe my opinion is off because I do a lot of side stuff in the newer games, so my characters are probably more powerful than they should be by the time I actually get around to continuing the quest, and I never really have to take the time to level up.

XII had the hardest optional bosses. Your powers in XII never get ridiculous like in VII or X, and there really aren't any easy tricks or super attacks that help against Yiazmat or Omega. But the main quest in XII wasn't that difficult.

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