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Maybe not, but I've seen news regarding the remake more and more often. The newest one has been the scariest of all.

"ook into the stars, what do you see? A Final Fantasy VII remake on the horizon maybe? Look at the images below for the ending to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (no major spoilers, you've seen most of it before).

What do you notice in that last image? "to be continued in Final Fantasy VII". This might hint at a Final Fantasy VII remake although Square has been denying it for a while. If not that, maybe a re-release of the game, maybe in stores or the PlayStation Store. If not that, it could just be referring to the PSone game.

According to this rumor, when the player completes Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for a second time, after the credit finish rolling a secret cinematic begins showcasing a similar (but not the same) video clip to what was shown at E3 2005 in the Final Fantasy VII PlayStation 3 technical demo. At the end, it shows the last image you see below."

Now look at the pictures

"To be continued

Sure, it's a prequel, might be referring to the original PSX game. But those images are . . . interesting. Sure, a rumor. But they're becoming more and more apparent.

And let's not forget Sakaguchi's pin in the "Final Fantasy VII Anniversary" party. It read:

"Thanks for 10 fantastic years - the best is yet to come."
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