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Fred Gwynne

Like many others, I became an instant fan because of his hilarious work as Herman Munster. Make no mistake, his Herman paved the way for later TV dads like Homer Simpson.
It seemed that, for a while, he was like former Superman George Reeves in that no one could think of his talent outside of that one memorable character. Happily, Gwynne's story didn't end on a downbeat note like Reeves's.
Thankfully, in the last years of his career, Hollywood began to realize there was much more to Gwynne than his portrayal of a dim-witted but kind-hearted suburban father who just happened to resemble the Frankenstein Monster.
This was proven with his great work in films like Pet Sematary, Ironweed, and(one of the all time great swan songs) My Cousin Vinny(What is a yoot?)

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