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Well, you should note that I'm not a fan of Zodiac.

It goes:
KKBB (9/10) > Mallrats (7/10) > Zodiac (6/10)

I really like Mallrats though, very funny. KKBB is just classic. Zodiac was too inconsistent. I think it's a fundamental flaw that the DC won't be able to fix, but I'll check it anyway.
I found Zodiac to be David Fincher's most mature film by far, not necessarily his greatest, but at the way he handled the subject matter, and the murders. His flashy style was almost non-existent in the film which was very appropriate I felt for the film. I thought it was pure storytelling at its near best, and never really seemed to drag, in my opinion.

But yeah, KKBBis awesome. "It was like an 8 percent chance" "Eight?! Who taught you math?!"