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Horror manga?

I picked up a couple of horror manga at Borders the other day. I picked up volume 1 of Arm of Kannon, Portus, and volume 1 of Uzumaki. So far, I've read Arm of Kannon and a bit of Portus. Arm of Kannon was pretty...bad, if you ask me. The only reason I bought it was because I flipped through the second volume (the 1st one was shrink wrapped), and it looked pretty fucked up. And it is fucked up...but still not good. Portus is pretty good so far, although horribly unoriginal. It's about a game called Portus, and at a certain point, a boy pops up and asks "Do you want to come to this side?" and if you say yes...YOU DIE! XD It's got some pretty cool imagery, so it's keeping my interested. And I know that Uzumaki's gonna be awesome because I've seen the movie. Anyway, anybody have any more recommendations for anymore horror manga? Junji Ito's Gyo looks pretty awesome.
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