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Old 12-02-2007, 06:29 PM
For the longest time i always confused her with Sienna Guillory , so i just maintained a somewhat dual crush . I did enjoy her work at one time , but my fave " Brit " actress has to go to Guillory . She's not hanging with the H wood elite , and to me seems much more genuine and grounded . She's just as good as Miller , as far as talent is concerned , she just doesn't seem to be hanging with the " proper " crowd . So , a mild Yay for Miller , there's no doubt she's talented and charismatic , but i feel because of her similarities to Guillory , her uniqueness factor suffers . Plus , i take off points for the whole Jude Law thing . She went back to the guy after she knew he was mucking around , come on now , have some respect for yourself woman .
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