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Mild Yay , but only because she rode on Kramer , George's , and Jerry's coattails on Seinfeld . I always felt , with some rare exceptions , that things somewhat slowed down when she was involved , she could have been replaced or even been excluded from the show entirely and it wouldn't have made much of a difference . I think her character was an experiment at first , then when the show took off , they didn't want to just drop her altogether .

Other than her Sein exploits her resume is underwhelming , and she has this penchant for over the top acting . That can work sometimes , but not with her . Then she did that Watching Ellie show that bombed hard , with good reason , she's just not that interesting . Somehow her next show , New adventures of old Christine ( sounds like a spinoff of Smallville ) did decent in the ratings , but it was absolutely dreadful , save for the guy who played her brother . I watched it out of desperation a couple of times , but i was always anxious , thinking , why can't the Holy Trinity of sitcoms show up and save this pathetic show . It made me long for the days when Sein was dominating the tv landscape .

It's funny , i don't even remember her in Deconstructing harry , guess her role wasn't that memorable , even if she did some wild things . She does get some points for being in one of the coollest Christmas films ever , Christmas Vacation . She played an annoying , uptight , 80s era " yuppie " elitist next door neighbor , i'm thinking the role wasn't that much of a stretch .
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