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If you can find it, Nightmare Weekend is probably the worst film I've ever seen. Low budget 80's flick; normally I'd lay off simply because it's low-budget and nobody has ever seen it (unlike the truly bad films), but this one is just so wrong, so terrible... It's got Dale Midkiff in it, daddy Creed in Pet Sematary, doing his thing... some little puppet with green hair that controls a computer security system... a flying metal ball with spikes, ala Phantasm, only this ball doesn't really kill you, it sort of turns you into a zombie... somehow... sort of. Lots of (very) gratuitous nudity and sex. It was picked up by Troma back in the day, and as far as I know they've never given it a DVD release- possibly because it's so awful? These are the people who gave Rabid Grannies a special-edition, fer chrissakes...


Nightmare Weekend is on DVD. I have it. Its part of the Toxie Blood Bank box set. I never watched it though.

Worst Movies Ever:

Children of the Living Dead
Night of 1000 Cats
Revenge of the Dead
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