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Annoyed at the Ending:(

This book had so much potiential. Up until the 'twist' at the end it was perhaps the best reading experience I had ever had.

Does anyone know any great 'monster hospital' movies? Movies with a mystery and evil experiments and scenes with the inmates running the asylum.

These were the themes I loved about the book. It's classic elements that we are all so familiar with yet strangley never experienced the thrill of reading/watching before.

Then to have that unoriginal ending which makes the whole story moot.
Wouldn't it have been great if we had a satisfying 'Total Recall' ending where we still think that 'maybe' Teddy could be insane, but we still have things nicely wrapped up with a grounded ending given to us aswell.

Anyway I love Scorsese and I love Leo and I think together they are amazing. So lets see if Scorsese can find a way to mess with the book sufficiently to keep the central themes while improving it 100 fold just like Fincher did to Fight Club.

Fingers Crossed
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