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Sadly I never really have the time to read any of your long reviews, but if SirReel and Crynot say they kickass, I am sure that they do. I just read your FARGO review and have to say that you definitely have mucho talent, but a lot like your board posting patterns, I think you need to be straddled in somewhat.

You obviously have great writing skills but you seem to take waaaay too many tangents on the side (so and so also did such and such) and I personally find your reviews...too wordy. Call me a dumbass, but there are my two cents, as the regular Joe...JoBlo, that is. But definitely keep 'em obviously LOVE MOVIES and that's why we're all here.

For me, this movie has always been quite over-rated. Sure it was wonderfully shot. Sure the characters were well played by all and the story an interesting one. But for me, nothing about it REALLY stood out!

And I've watched it over 4-5 times now, and I STILL don't understand all the fuss.

In fact, I always thought Marge's character was too much of a caricature, and the scene with the Asian fellow breaking down in front of her, kind of unnecessary (others claim it's a genius scene).

Having said all that, I will easily concede ONE THING about this movie...William H. Macy was AWESOME in it! Wow...what a weasel! Perfectly played...brrrrrr, you just felt his frustration/patheticness growing...

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