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This is definitely a classic comedy duo film...Wilder/Pryor, in my mind, was one of the best ever to grace the screen...they sure beat the likes of Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, Luke Wilson and Martin Lawrence, Judge Reinhold and Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy, David Spade and Chris Farley (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REST HIS SOUL) and on and on and on...The best thing is that Wilder CAN hold up his own and is a brilliant comic actor. I like the chicken outfits and the fat bald guy in jail (who was in Phillip Kaufman's "The Wanderer's", a personal favorite film)as well as the "That's right...we bad..we bad" strut into jail...When Pryor tries to teach Wilder how to be tough in jail it reminds me of Pryor trying to teach Wilder to be black in "Silver Streak"...good supporting cast as well. I never understood how Wilder always got the chicks though?...

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