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Civil War stupidity

its ocurred to me now that Marvel fucked up the lay out of Civil War form a 'ease to read' stand point.

Now that the story is over unless you want to track down issues you of course have to settle for trades, which normally would be fine. But with Civil war they really fucked it up.

First off if your not gonig to have a 3rd party #ing system for a huge ass cross over that ties in more then 10+ monthly books while also having a self crossover title limited serise at the same time then theres gonig to be confusion. I meen i know they did this with stuff like Inferno but it was still a X-men centric story with other book simply being effected by whats going on.

I know every issue is clearly labeled that its a Civil War issue but the fact that the story pretty much unfolds in issue release date order how the hell are ppl gonig to read the trades and make sense of everything thats going on.

I thought of this cause i have a friend who is getting more and more into comics and wanted to read the Civil War stuff. So he has bought Civil War, Road to Civil War and Civil War Front Line while not being aware that by the time you've read those that there are about 75+ issues of story intercutting with them.

How are you supposed to read this in Trade format!?! Just have all the trades each with their own book mark and a chrono list of the isseues on hand? i meen atleast with the actual issues you just need the check list once then actaully orginize them in the proper order and then read away, but with trades i can't see this as anything but a hassle.

Well Marvel way to make it more difficult for the average person to get into your super hyped/universe altering story, i meen even DC was smart with 52 in that regardless of issues or trades theres only one easily determined order to read it in.
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