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Even with the "It's magic" thing in their corner, this severely fucks up the last three decades of Spider-Man continuity. Harry Osborn is apparently alive again, for example. I guess the rationale is that if MJ had stayed with him he wouldn't have gone off the deep end and ended up offing himself while trying to kill Peter. Okay, fair enough, but now you have to sit down and figure out how ever Spider-Man story since Spectacular Spider-Man #200 might have been different with Harry in it (this is particularly troublesome with the Norman Osborn stories. Is he alive now or not?). And think about the Clone story, if you dare. Hard to imagine how that would have gone with no MJ in it.
This whole thing negates everything after say Amazing Spiderman Annual #21, the wedding issue, which came out in the freakin late 80s. So all that shit JMS wrote w/ Norman being alive and pulling strings (which was interesting but equally preposterous and equally insulting to 30+ years of continuous plot) will never have happened?

They brought Harry back in these ish's so he could own a Coffee Bean? Nuff said.
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