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I'm in general agreement with chinton and Bake.

The Road is the only McCarthy book I've read, and yeah, there are some neat phrases of language here and there, in between intermittent annoyance and some intrigue. I got tired of all the "Are they evil, Papa?" "Can I go to the bathroom, Papa?" "What's that sound, Papa?" "You'll never leave me, right, Papa?" "Papa?" "Papa?" Sorta kinda tedious.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. I'll probably have to give it another read, the ending didn't hit me emotionally like it was probably expected to -- actually, I can't surmise what McCarthy was thinking the ending would do to stimulate the reader, so I'll just say it's an interesting idea, and it works as a portrait of an adult male's thought processes and what exactly should be done in a situation such as the end of civilization. Not so much interesting story of survival, nor could I really give a shit despite identifying somewhat with the man.

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