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The critical, as well as mainstream popularity of this movie really baffles me!
On DVD, I recommend listening to P.T. Anderson providing commentary on the deleted scenes before you even play the movie. He goes off on some ludicrous rant that is something to the effect of "I fuckin studied fuckin Fellini to make this fuckin film". Ok, now this is the guy you are going to invest the next 2 1/2 hours of your time with, in the hopes that he has something insightful to show you. Strike one!
Again, before the movie even starts, you come to the horrifying realization that Marky Mark is the lead "actor" in this film which, as noted earlier, is made by "Mr fuckin fuckin fuck fuck..." .
Alright. With no more unpleasant surprises thrown our way, we are ready to watch Boogie Nights. Before we start though, let's prepare by doing some exercises.
Ready? Ok...Look to the left, then look to the right, look up, then look down. Left, right. Up, down. I recommend doing at least 30 repetitions, otherwise it's a lead-pipe cinch you're going to sprain something with all the eye-rolling you'll be doing.
After about the first hour you quickly come to the realization of how utterly lightweight this film really is. How could it be otherwise when it becomes obvious that Anderson has zero interest in character development because it gets in the way of his desperate need to show us his almost encyclopedic knowledge of movie gimmickry. Tracking shot after tracking shot (ok, we get it've seen Goodfellas, I believe you).
Just in case anybody thought that the people in the porn industry led exciting lives, Boogie Nights will set you straight.
So finally, by the time our down in the dumps hero (Mr. Diggler), selling peeks at his dick for $10 gets the living shit beaten out of him by a pick-up truck full of gay-baiting rednecks, I was ready to head for the exit, or in this case the "stop for the love of God" button on my remote.
Oh almost forgot! PT has seen Raging Bull too. No really, he has!
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