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Brock; You're pretty handy with a keyboard yourself. Matter of fact, if your filmmaking career doesn't pan out, you should honestly consider being a critic, I hear it pays pretty well [img]/ubb/smile.gif[/img]
Ok, first off I totally do not mind profanity in movies, as long as it doesn't distract me from the narrative (like Julianne Moore's character did in Magnolia for example). It's just that P.T's little harangue on the DVD was a bit of shock, especially coming from a guy whose movie I wasn't crazy about to begin with.
I'm with "love broker" on this one. I really liked some of the stuff in Magnolia--though will someone please tell me why the darn thing is called Magnolia?-- But even there, you gotta wade through an awful lot of crap before you get to the transcendent scenes. I'll never forget how after rambling on head-first for two solid hours with one epochal scene after another he suddenly stops the picture cold to have all the characters sing along to "Save Me". Not to mention the masterful closing shot. Almost makes all the crap in between seem like a necessary evil. Yeah I'm just positively itching to dismiss the guy as a no-account show off, but in good conscience I just can't do it. When he's speaking through his own voice, he seems to have some terrific insights on the human condition, but when he's just showing off, he can be insufferable!
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