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Oh my god! That is my favorite scene! At Rahad Jackson's pad, and Thomas Jane goes ballistic! Way to go man! You are the shit! I am going to watch it right now and comment on it later. I love that shit more than anything else... I can imagine John C. Reilly going "Woah! Woah Woah!" and Alfred Molina going "What? My friends? You kidding me kitty? and Todd Parker going "Naw, see... we want what's under the bed. We want what's in the goddamn master bedroom! Under the goddamn bed! In the fuckin' floor! In the Goddamn Fuckin' floor safe! That's all..." Fucking classic! And I totally agree... Michael Penn is completely talented... I love that 16mm deleted scene where Brock Landers and Luis Guzman mix it up... iy is sooooo cool! I'm actually at the part where they first meet, Jack Horner and Eddie Adams that is, in the dishwashing section of Luis Guzman's club... excuse me, Maurice's club... I just love this film so much. Every scene is fabtastic and every character is mesmerizing... I wanna put on my boogie shoes, man... dig?

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