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10/10! Definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. I never reply to these things but I just have to pay my respects to Boogie Nights. PT Anderson is a genius! I love his style. I love all the whip pans, the jump cuts, the long steadicam shots, the cool-as-hell characters, the fucking music, everything! Everything is just so experimental and stylized and FUN! The scene at the drug dealers house is just mind blowing. It's all just so fucking great. All the characters are so sexy and cool. Literally, every character is completly watchable. Mark Whalberg is fucking great. I love the guy. Julianne Moore, Reynolds and even Heather Graham turn in classic preformances. John C Reilly and Thomas Jane probably steal the show though as the coked out friends. I die laughing everytime I see these guys on the screen! And how could I forget Don Cheadle and Philip Seymour Hoffman! God they are great and of course... funny as hell! Also, the girl that plays Becky Barnett is cute, I really like her. I swear, if I don't stop myself now, I'll probably be up till midnight tommorow listing all the shit I love about this movie! I swear, I could watch it over and over again on repeat and never get sick of it. But than of course I'd be neglecting Magnolia and Hard Eight and the rest of my DVD collection, which would just be a crime! Oh yeah, one more thing: I can't wait for Punch Drunk Love! Not too much longer now, October 18th will be here soon.

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