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When watching The Green Mile the other night with friends, I had pointed out the fact that Michael Jeter, (Eduard Delacroix) had died of AIDS back in 2003. To everyone's surprise, they had no idea he even died, which of course made everyone sad. (Oops!)

But this got me thinking... has there been a time where you were chatting with friends, or reading some news article, and you read about a past celebrity death and it shocked the living hell out of you? "What, I didn't know they died?!?"

Here's a few that I can think of:

Michael Jeter, 50 (AIDS)

Michelle Thomas, 29 (Not sure too many people know about her. She played Myra Monkhouse on the fabulous Family Matters with Urkel. She died from a rare form of stomach cancer. She refused to get treatment, because she was afraid it would cause her to not have any children! How awful... she might have lived if she would have just tried. Her story is pretty interesting.)

Jonathan Brandis, 27 (Suicide by hanging. I had no idea he died until I was looking up The Neverending Story II on IMDB one day. I also loved him in The Stepfather 2 and It.)

Ashleigh Ashton Moore, 26 (Heroin overdose. You may remember her as Chrissy in Now and Then). She struggled with depression for years after her failed career. Truly heartbreaking. Her MySpace HERE.


Rest in Peace guys.

I did not know about Michael Jeter. Damned shame.

Michelle Thomas, I did. She and Malcolm Jamal Warner were in a relationship and when she passed, it totally screwed him up. That was really sad to hear. She was so jubilant and perky every time she was on camera and I really think her character on "Family Matters" helped keep that show interesting as it lagged during those few Urkel heavy seasons.

I actually spoke to Jonathon Brandis on line back in the early days of AOL chat rooms. I didn't believe it was him at first but he relayed a boat load of personal information to me and sent me an autographed picture of himself, so I tend to believe it was him. It's so sad that he's no longer with us.

And I never saw "Now and Then", but it's truly sad to hear about that young woman.

Admission: (and I feel REALLY bad about this) I keep killing off Hal Holbrook. Every time someone mentions him, I say "oh, he died awhile back". Imagine my surprise when the guy gets nominated for a friggin' Oscar.

Sorry, Hal. I've got to check my facts better.
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