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Man, this is really depressing. I had no idea Michael Jeter, Jonathan Brandis, and Earl Hindman were dead. I can't believe it: Wilson's dead! I also didn't know that the girl who voiced "Ducky" and the young woman who was the original Yellow Ranger had died as well.

I remember watching a documentary about all the creepy stuff that surrounded the making of the POLTERGEIST films: Dominique's murder, the death of that old Native American guy (who was good friends with Craig T Nelson), Heather's death, and the fact that some of the supposedly fake skeletons used in the second movie were actual human skeletons and an exorcist had to be called in. A LOT of creepy things happened around those movies.

Everytime I watch TOY STORY or any of the Ernest movies, I miss Jim Varney more and more. His Ernest movies were favorites of mine as a child, and I still enjoy watching some of them--especially Ernest Goes to Camp.

As for Rodney's tombstone, it perfectly sums up his sense of humor.
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