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you all are listing these mainstream comedians.. and for the most part, i personally find alot of them funny.. why has no one fucking said the worst "KNOWN" stand up comedian:


when he was the judge on Next Comedy Star or whatever that shit was called, i had to turn the shit off, if ANT is judging whats funny, then we have lost everything in terms of comedy!

He hosts Celebrity Fit Club, which i love, and every time he talks i want to punch him in the face!

i also find George Lopez to suck a crucial amount of nut sac... all he does is "hey, mexicans go like this "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY HOLMES" and white ppl, man i dont get you all... but who do you get to cut your grass... "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY HOLMES"

fucking unfunny bastard! Although it is hilarious that he beat the shit out of mencia for stealing his jokes, and i thought his show was decent, and he seems like a nice dude, just his stand up is fucking terrible!

Katt Williams is also terrible.. which is a shame, cuz i like him in the movies, and he was on Leno and he was funny as shit (as a guest) but his specials are just terrible!
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