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I was in the thread I made of Funniest comedians and I remember seeing about the untimely passing of a very funny comedian. Freddy Soto.


I think everyone should check this out, he was a very funny comedian, and its very sad that he died. I had just found out he had passed last year and I was shocked because i remember how funny his comedy act was.

Freddy passed away unexpectedly Sunday July 10, 2005. Only one night before, he triumphantly left the stage of the Laugh Factory to a raucous, standing ovation. We join his family, and wide circle of friends, in mourning his untimely passing.

I also as recently watching Planes Trains and Automobiles and found out That John Candy was dead. Its really sad because he was very funny, and he was only 44. Similar to Chris Penn who was 3 years younger, he died of heart problems a heart attack.

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