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Steven Seagal Is A Useless Fat Shit Who Can't Act & Most of His Movies Suck ASS!

First let me make it perfectly clear that this thread really pains me to post... no really it does. Ever since Mr Seagal's first movie, "Nico: Above The Law," I have been an avid and faithful fan of his work. His movies, his martial arts and anything else he attaches himself too. I have just about all of his films up to and including Belly of the Beast in my dvd collection. I have always loved the soft-spoken big guy who kicks the shit out of anyone that either gets in his way or is simply the BAD guy. Over the years, with each new film he made, I was eager to see it. Now I won't claim that he's a 5 star actor, far from it. And to many, his films, particularly his pre - "Exit Wounds" efforts are all quite entertaining. Except "The Patriot." But still even so, All of his films over the last few years SUCK! With [thx to cronos], the exception of "Pistol Whipped." I just got this on dvd, dude. I liked it.

But sadly, Mr Seagal's movies have all but deteriorated into nothing more than a slimy mess of quasi-martial arts mayhem with little to no imagination put into the story and actors. The guy's a mess. Ok, he's put on a lot of weight. That don't bother me. He's had stunt doubles step in till the cows come home. That does bother me... too much. But I can deal with it as long as he does all his own shit closeup. What I can't stand is when his voice is dubbed and during fight scenes you can only see his arms or one leg. Sorry, Mr Seagal, but you've fallen far from grace. This guy pumps out straight to dvd shit every few months. Is he trying to set some type of world record? Quality, Mr Seagal, not quantity. Another thing with his films are the stories. There was always a moral, a centre theme to most of his earlier work. But during the past few years, it's been PUMP THAT SHIT OUT attitude. And his resume of films [if you can call them that] is testament to the fact that this bloke either needs to slow the fuck down and make more decent flicks, or just go work as a wok-boy in a diner.

Even my dad used to love Mr Seagal's movies. I miss the old Steven Seagal. The one who had half-way decent films. Did his own work, even wrote alot of the material. He even tried his hand at directing. Rest assured, not everyone is a Steven Seagal fan. But for those of you that are, can you honestly say that this man's work has improved with time? I dare say NO. Lastly, my video shop always buys his films. And with each and every new addtion, I roll my eyes and say to the manager - "Oh great. Another one... Why does he bother?" Once again, this topic really pains me. Because as I said earlier, I used to love this man's work. Thanks God I can still go back and watch the REAL Seagal flicks. And not this later trash.

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