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Looks like Im seeing an addiction growing... Nice sets Sirdizzy!
Yea my wife was joking about that, I already had a dvd addiction now she is comparing it to the final stages where it spirals out of control. I had a pretty strict no double dipping rule, I hate it and unless there is vast differences like the Lord of the Rings extended versions I rarely ever did it. But in the last month I have double dipped on three steelbooks on movies I already owned X-Men (this in fact was the very fist dvd I ever owned in February of 2001), X-Men 2, and Platoon. And about four months ago I upgraded to the Robocop steelbook and got rid of my bare bones dvd.

I found a pawn shop that will do a 2 for 1 for me which isn't too bad. I traded in an extra Memento (bought that cool limited edition one that allows you to play the movie in order) and my platoon yesterday for a movie. Not sure if I want to trade in the X-men as it was the first movie I ever had on dvd but I have 2 more I can trade in anyways.
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