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you have a bunch I really want like Dune, Beowulf and Spawn because those are movies I don't own and wouldn't have to double dip on. I also really want Boondock Saints as its a favorite movie of mine and regretting never picking it up when it was still available in stores.

I got a movie for Christmas that I never opened because I really don't care for it and I saw it at Best Buy for $16.99 was thinking I might try and take it in and exchange it for a steelbook of Day After Tomorrow but I think they have a strict no receipt policy now. they also have man of fire and the first 3 die hards I can pick up as well.

Some of those I am just not that keen on owning, Dragon wars just isn't a good enough movie to justify owning and I am not an anime fan so I wouldn't want the Appleseed of Dragonball Z.
I enjoyed Dragon Wars and traded in my regular DVD for the far as the anime goes, I am not an anime fan, but I have always enjoyed the DBZ movies (the show takes too damn long on everything) and I only bought appleseed because I am a John Woo nut. The Spawn set is great. Boondock saints was the first one I ever bought and at the time I didn't even know what a steelbook was (same as TCM)
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