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Yea I have to strongly disagree, Like El Jefe said some of its would be hard to understand if you don't speak Spanish, but he only speaks a little Spanish. I personally love both his comedy acts and think they're extremely funny. But I am Mexican and lot of his jokes you wouldn't understand if you're not Mexican.

I personally love his Mas Puto bit.

Personally one of my favorite comedians.

Now I used to like Carlos Mencia but I lost a lot of respect for his comedy act after Joe Rogan came out and confronted him about stealing jokes. I only like a few episode of his show, but it was kind of trying to be Chappelle's show for Mexicans, which he always claims to be, but I'm pretty sure he's not (might have to double check).

Even before when I liked his comedy act, he was nowhere near as funny as George.
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