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When did everyone get to the series? I mean, what was the most recent game you played first?

I started with VIII in '99, from then on I anticipated every oncoming FF.
I started with I in 1992 or so and loved it. I was like 8 when I played it (obviously with help from my older sister) and I liked the whole concept. I then played IV when it was released as II in the US. Then, I took a long break... I was too young to realize games in the main series were different than the offshoots, so I played Mystic Quest, hated it, and left the series alone for a bit and got into other games and other RPGs (Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, Illusion of Gaia, etc.). I got back into it with VII, and since then have played them all right when they came out. VII is what made me a devoted fan, though, making me go back and play previous installments on various emulators, and motivating me to play all the offshoots (Tactics, Crystal Chronicles, the wholly underrated FF Adventure, etc.)

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IX is one of the best? really?
I get the sense that IX is the most polarizing of all the games.
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