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Alright, so if I was to only be getting FF1, FF2, FF Crisis Core, Metal Gear Ops, GoW Chains of Olympus, and the GTA "Stories" games (I know they're on PS2, but the only reason I even want them is for portability) would you guys say it's a wise descision to buy a PSP? (keep in mind this would be for about 70 dollars from a guy I know) Or should I just wait for a bit longer because to be honest the only game I REALLY want is Crisis Core? What other games are out/coming out that would be worth getting (I love RPGs, a great fighter [although im sure Street Fighter 4 and DBZ Burst Limit will cover me on those for a while], and some adventure games although I haven't played any non-nintendo adventure games that I've truly loved.)

The other thing is that while I did list a lot of games I want on this system, there are more games I want on the DS. I will have a LOT of time for portable systems this summer though, as there are times where those will be the only types of video games I'll be able to play for multiple weeks.

I definitely have enough money, but I don't like to overspend and I will be buying MGS4 no doubt as well as DBZ Burst Limit, Killzone 2, and an assortment (probably 5) of DS games. I also need (well don't really need, but I don't really need this stuff either) funds for.... other things.

Long post I know, but basically, what other PSP games s hould I get that I'm missing?
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