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The Beatles Appreciation Thread

The Beatles are my favorite band of all time first and foremost. I love them. I kind of grew up on them, though my parents weren't as big of fans as I am, but as I grew I started listening to them more and more on my own. I listen to them more than any other artist. Sgt. Pepper's is my favorite album of all time. Abbey Road is a close second. Hey Jude may just be my favorite song of all time too.I think this is one of those rare cases where 4 highly talented (yes even Ringo) musicians got together and did their thing, and all of them succeeded. Their early stuff was good, but was not nearly as good as their later stuff (Rubber Soul and beyond). In the end I feel that they truly are the best band of all time. I know people will disagree and I respect that. Do not turn this thread into everyone insulting each other because they disagree. What do you guys think of the Beatles? What is your favorite song of theres? What is your favorite album. Just discuss these and any other things you like or hate about the Beatles. Again, do not just turn this into everyone insulting each other over who "the real best band" is. Just discuss the beatles and what you think.
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