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a beatles appreciation thread---highly necessary i agree

Okay, that's flat trolling. It's just that if Beatles/Bob Dylan did not have that miraculous confluence where high art and pop culture made-out, we would not be proclaiming them deities and such. The music, good okay, the endless praise/hyperbole, tiring. I'm a big Bob Dylan fan and even I get bored talking about him (unless in the context of that theory Todd Haynes had for his movie). Like church provides a sense of normalcy for everybody, so does having a set list of artists acceptable for consumption. Throughout all this mythologizing, no one really dwells on how eccentric Dylan is or how deliberately nonsensical his lyrics or how the Beatles have a lot of bizzare songs. All of this "weirdness" is tolerated because it happens to be attached to acceptable artists.

Does anyone really use the Beatles as gateway artists anymore? They're pretty much their own entity, a slab separate from music history. If everyone who listened to the VU formed a band everyone who listens to the Beatles clings to the Beatles. Like, no one listening to the Beatles suddenly gets turned on to Harry Nilsson. Adventurous music inspires a collective vanilla-ization, gah!

Have any of you heard "Sgt Peppers". It just mind change your life.
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