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cuz Mencia is Latin.. of course...?!?

if that is what your whole point is?? Are you trying to make it down to something as simple as race? Are you Oprah Winfrey?!?

who is Joe Rogen... you cant go after the big dogs... Leary is a big dog... Leary would rip him to shreds (Verbally)... Cook, cook is one of the all time best selling stand up comedians

so what is the problem with him bringing to light someone as simple as Mencia?? And besides, you say "Well Cosby admitted to stealing jokes from carlin .." and stuff... 1) im going to most certainly have to see some sort of evidence to back that claim up... and 2) If comedians borrow premises or similar set ups.. it is generally 1 or 2 jokes, basically all of Mencia's act is stolen material from lesser known comics he has seen in clubs.. his TV show has stolen premises from other comedians and radio stations (there is a you tube video of a radio interview that mencia did, where they adddress the Rogen thing, and Mencia proceeds to explain how original he is by detailing a sketch he has on an upcoming show in which they have the Stereotype Olympics, when mencia leaves the station, one of the DJ's says that he didnt want to bring it up while mencia was in the building, as he didnt want to add fuel to the fire... but the StereoType Olympics was an idea his radio station came up with months prior... and as Mencia was a frequent guest on that station... there was no way he didnt hear that from them"!

Mencia can have all the fame he wants.. for now... but i think once his show is done.. he will fade into obscurity.

and yes... "Suck A Bag of Dicks" is a comical joke by Louis CK... so you are correct.. he has a SINGLE comical joke!!

and to say Bill Hicks isnt funny... thats as close to Blasphemy as a person like me, who doesnt believe in god, can fathom!! (no im not atheist... cuz to be atheist means you belong to a religion)
I was going to write this whole thing to answer your post but I see no end to this discussion and to be honest I'm kind of bored by it. But yeah, I guess I am Oprah. Rogan can't go after the big dogs. Cook is the best comedian ever. Mencia sucks fat donkey dicks. Louis C.K. has only one good joke. And Bill Hicks is the messiah of stand up comics for non religious, quasi atheists. And as for the Bill Cosby thing, I was just talking out of my ass. There is no info on him admitting to stealing a George Carlin joke.

Whew! I feel much better.
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